Manhattan's Koreatown

neighborhoods May 01, 2019

You may have heard of Little Italy. You may have even visited Chinatown. But have you heard of Manhattan’s Koreatown? Located close to Macy’s in Herald Square and the Empire State Building, it’s a fun and convenient destination to add to your next trip.

The heart of Koreatown is nicknamed Korea Way and it’s located on West 32nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. Korea Way is home to over 100 small businesses including restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, spas, Korean beauty retailers and karaoke bars. This area has been growing since the 1980s and now gives you a real sense of Seoul as you walk down streets.

While there are many amazing restaurants in Koreatown, one of our favorite things to do on a nice evening is find interesting desserts in the area. One of our favorites is Spot Dessert Bar. Located on the 3rd floor of the K-Town Food Court on 32nd street, Spot will give you those Instagram-worthy dessert pictures that will make all of your friends wonder where in the world you are. Seating can be challenging since it is located in a food hall with several other restaurants but it’s worth stalking a table for.

Another fun dessert spot is Caffe Bene, also located on 32nd Street. We have tried the shaved ice but want to go back to try the parfaits, honey breads and rainbow cake because they all looked so delicious. The “monster” shaved ice we had was mint chocolate chip ice cream in the center, surrounded by blue shaved ice and topped with 2 marshmallows for eyes and an Oreo for a mouth. It was large enough for our whole family to share. I thought the shaved ice could have a used little more flavor but the ice cream inside and the fun look of the dessert was enough to make this one a winner - especially with the kids.

If you visit Koreatown, be sure to tag @comingtonyc in all of your photos. We want to see what you’re eating and doing there - especially if it’s karaoke!

Picture credit: Chermel Porter


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