Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: The Holidays Are Coming

S05 EP01 Our Summer Vacation Around the World

It’s been a while since an episode was released. Now, it’s time to jump right back in!

A lot has happened over the summer with the Smiths. It was a jam-packed summer of adventure, traveling from Australia to the Philippines to Dubai! From seeing the kangaroos and koalas up close, to getting Emery’s 13th birthday celebration canceled due to a crazy storm in the land down under, to spending a few nights in the middle of the jungle with Nils’ team from Amplify Social Media, to eating rice meals day in and out, to trying out the famous Filipino “balut,” to witnessing the pristine beaches of Boracay, to spending very spontaneous crazy hot and humid days in Dubai, the land of the world’s largest literally everything, and so much more!

So if you’re up for some epic story time about our summer experience and what the future for the Coming to New York podcast will be, then hop into this conversation with us for more!

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