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S05 EP18 NYC Diaries: The WonderMart with Perri Salka

Jun 15, 2023


One of the most exciting things about moving into a new neighborhood is meeting new people and finding hidden gems. Today we’ll introduce you to Perri Salka, the owner of the cutest little shop in Greenpoint: The WonderMart.

So many people come to the city to get something from it but Perri has come up with...

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S05 EP16 Unpack with the Smiths: Moving Into Our New Apartment

Jun 01, 2023

We finally moved in! 

As we unpack boxes and decorate our new abode, we'll discuss the excitement and challenges of turning a blank canvas into a coz, personalized home. From navigating the quirks of New York apartment living to discovering the best local services and amenities, we'll provide insights and...

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S05 EP15 NYC Diaries: Sit-down with Patty Burbacher

May 18, 2023

Meet my good friend and fellow NYC enthusiast, Patty Burbacher. 

This episode shares the story of Patty, a 65-year-old empty nester and retiree from Ohio who fell head over heels for New York City so much that she decided to move here. Join us as we hear about Patty's journey of discovering the city's hidden gems,...

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S05 EP14 New York City Icks

Apr 07, 2023

Get ready to discover a side of New York City that you won't find in the guidebooks! 

In this episode of "New York City Icks," we're shining a light on the challenges and issues that are all too real for the city's residents. We'll talk about the crowded subways, the high cost of housing, and the environmental...

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S05 EP13 Office Spaces in New York

Mar 30, 2023

Are you thinking about setting up an office space in New York City?

In our new episode, we'll be talking about the advantages and challenges of having an office space, the different neighborhoods and boroughs to consider, and the cost of renting or owning an office space in New York City. That’s not all!...

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S05 EP12 Our NYC Moving Checklist

Mar 23, 2023

It’s moving day for the Smith family! 

Moving in NYC can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. In this episode, Nils and I will talk through our comprehensive NYC moving checklist. From finding a reputable moving company to navigating the building’s moving rules, listen in as we talk through it...

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S05 EP11 Would You Rather: Part 2

Mar 09, 2023

In case you missed the last episode, we played the game Would You Rather: New York City Edition - Part 1. 

In Part 1, Nils asked 5 questions about transportation, food, go-to spots, and airports! This time around, it’s Katie’s turn to ask the questions. Will they agree on their answers this time around?...

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S05 EP10 Would You Rather: Part 1

Mar 02, 2023

Let’s play a game of Would You Rather: New York City Edition! 

We’ve got 5 ‘Would You Rather’ questions that we’re excited for you to answer in this interactive episode. The rules are simple: in every question that is thrown out, pause for a moment and pick your answer. When you're...

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S05 EP9 Sick in the City

Feb 23, 2023

We often get looks of disbelief when we share our NYC urgent care and ER stories with friends and family so we thought you might enjoy them, too!

We also talk about how we found good doctors and dentists here in the city as well as some of the innovative healthcare startups here that have helped us stay healthy without...

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S05 EP6 Are We Moving?

Nov 18, 2022

Roosevelt Island is such an amazing place for our family. And I’m glad we made the decision to move . . . but another move may be in our future.

We are navigating the complex world of lottery apartments and doing our best to figure out all on the ins and outs. We’ll introduce the concept in this episode as...

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